Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Propose Venue & Time

Salam to y'all~

During our last meeting, the committees together with a majority voice from fellow chemists had agreed that our outing is held as below;

Venue: Teluk Rubiah
Date: Wednesday, 12th May 2010

The activities on that day is still in progress, but keep in mind that we also have activities at night! so free yourselves on this day n have FUN! Also, please give us your input on what type of foods that you are allergic to (as requested by Chef Dept.) via the comments in this post. Thank You!! :D


naza sundae said...

Saya mengishtiharkan alergik belacan dan ikan talam, dan x suke tempoyak dan cencalok
Head dept chef Leo, jgn bawak 4 benda nih pliiss

Farah Justme said...

argh ikan talam tu ape? haha.. ade name len kee. tapi other than that, sume yg ko x suke, sume aku suke. haha!

kula said...

boleh pulak makan belacan, tempoyak kan time outing.. haha

naza sundae said...

haha mane la tau kan tetibe korg ade idea gile2 nak bawak bnde2 tu kat teluk rubiah. Kene warning dulu

yap said...

taugeh aku takle makan

Farah Justme said...

request budu nak makan dengan ayam bbq. pls. haha (aku seyes) :P :P