Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More Infos!!

Hye cute and good looking chemists! (again)

I believe each one of us is anticipating for this event very much as i am. So this a kind reminder and an invitation as well. 

Don't forget to join our "UTP Chemists 2010" Facebook group! We welcome your thoughful, creative ideas and comments on the discussion board and wall. Who knows it might be taken as future consideration by the committees. After all, this is our own event we're talking about. So be part of it!

And of course you might want to spare some precious time to join this event because if God permits, we schedule it during the study week. I believe all of you already knew who is the person in charge (PIC) for each respective major. But in case you don't, please refer to the future entry.

For those who are majoring in Process Plant, please do join our very own Google group, "cheme outing-process". Any announcement, reminder, info gathering and sharing will be utilizing this medium. For the rest, you might want to consult with your respective PIC or they will reach out to you. So no worries, you'll receive all the updates ya. 

Ok that's all for now. Go Chemists go!!!! Ale ale ale~!! p(^_^)q

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