Monday, May 10, 2010

Flow Sheeting & Fluid Mechanics

Salam to y'all~

To all who doesn't how to get to Teluk Rubiah, we have provided the map that y'all can refer to --->

But not to worry, we will be convoying to Teluk Rubiah, so we will try to make sure that all of you will be there on time. :D
Secondly, an announcement from the Chef Dept: All participated people are required to bring along drinking water at least 1.5 Liter. Bring also your medications (if any) in case of emergency and please inform them of any allergies to food or whatever. :D

REMINDER: Please bring extra clothes since we have activities in the water. Also bring sunblock lotion if you need to (kulit aku dah gelap, xde effect sunburn pon..haha~).


Geekazoid said...

saya rasa flowsheet event ni tak bagus pasal tak ikut Petronas Technical Standard (PTS).

haha jk2.

vicky said...

ajie, kutuk aku ek? vicky

kula said...

haha terasa ke..