Friday, May 7, 2010

The Event Flow Sheeting

This is the tentative for our event.Check it out~

8.00am : Gather at mosque parking lot
8.30am : Convoy together-gether
10.00am : Sampai. Warming up.
10.00am : Games - Sukaneka
12.30pm : Lunch, Solat
2.00pm : Games - Santai
4.00pm : Tea time
5.00pm : Cont. Games
6.30pm : Free time - Dinner, Rehat
8.00pm : Talent Night,
Prize Giving,
Ucapan Achul (PM)
10.00pm : Bersurai

However,all this is subject to change. The last tentative will be posted before we go to Cheme's Outing~ So,hope to be patient.

Reminder: Please bring along your extra clothes coz we gonna have lots of fun n out of water!!


yap said...

tak mandi ke seharian?

Farah Justme said...

kul 6.30 tu time rehat2 da boleh fresh kan badan yg busuk dan hangit dengan mandi dan menukar baju wangi. ^_^

ct said...

tapi pastu BBQ, busuk balik cik yah.. bau asap~~ mcm mana ni?